37 Weeks – 1st Appt Alone


Mood: Excited but over being pregnant

Energy: Varies

Appetite: Normal

Baby Movement: Yes

Contractions: Braxton Hicks/ Cramping

Other: Doctor’s Appointment

Dr Appt: This was the first doctor’s appointment I went to alone. Hubby was exhausted (unable to make up time at work) and my mom wasn’t feeling well so I had to go solo. It was very strange for me. I was so used to having someone to laugh and joke with while I waited on the doctor/ nurse practitioner that I was never able to get worried. Well not after the initial scary first appointments. This time however there was nothing but silence so I had the fear of getting bad news and having to process it alone. Granted I had no reason to fear the worse but it is always in the back of my mind because this pregnancy seems too good to be true. Anyways everything was fine.

  • Measuring right on
  • Dilated 2cm
  • Effaced 50%
    • not sure how I went from 90% to 50% but I guess all of this is subjective depending on someone’s hand size/ opinion/ interpretation
  • Next appointment scheduled for 3/3/16 which is 2 days before the hospital’s EDD
    • I say hospital because according to the app I used (Fertility Friend) his EDD is 3/7

36 Weeks – Baby Shower


Mood: Excited

Energy: Not sure

Appetite: High 😦

Baby Movement: Yes

Contractions: Braxton Hicks

Other: Paranoia & Baby Shower

Paranoia is intense. I keep feeling like the next appointment will be the last and not in a delivery type of way. I blame my obsessive research for signs of stillbirth. Anytime he doesn’t move when and as quickly as I think he should I automatically turn to YouTube or Google in order to see if someone else’s signs match mine. Realistically I know what the signs are and that stillbirths can’t usually be predicted during a normal uncomplicated pregnancy. They are just unfortunate freak things that happen. Some times they can anticipate it if there are other signs like heavy bleeding, lack of movement, illness, genetic defects, etc but I don’t have any of that as far as I know. I just keep worrying that I’ll be the rare person who has an unexplained stillbirth. Call it paranoia, being morbid or grime, etc. but I am hoping he comes soon so I can physically see him and have a better idea of how he’s doing. Granted I realize the last few weeks are important for brain and lung development but I would much rather he be born preterm (36-38wks) than for me to keep driving myself insane with worry. Okay so I’m not going crazy with worry but I do get concerned whenever he doesn’t move like he normally does. Who knew all the pre-pregnancy research I did would be practically useless when I was pregnant. Well logically it was great but sadly enough I still worry and have to remind myself of all the things I know from said research…


Baby shower!!! Our baby shower was awesome. I was freaked out about two drastic outcomes. One being no one showed up and it would be hubby, parents and my sis and her hubby. The other being there would be a ton of people and I’d get anxious because of the crowd. Well as it turned out we had a perfect random outcome that I didn’t anticipate. Some were there early while others came later so the amount of people rotated! It was absolutely perfect. I got to see all those who could make it and chat without feeling overwhelmed. The food was great and the was only two games both of which where done while everyone was chatting and hanging out. It was the perfect chill shower for hubby and I. The decor was enough to make me want to cry because they got every detail perfect yet it wasn’t over-the-top 🙂 My hosts (mom and sis) rocked!! They made sure everything flowed and they even had an abundance of assistance with putting food out and cleaning up at the end. All in all I would say everything went smooth. Most of all we felt the love and I pray that I have enough pictures to add to Ethan’s (pre-birth) book so he can feel the love as well!! We love our friends and family.


Pregnancy Classes pt 1

This post was kind of boring so I figured I’d insert funny memes that go along with the name of the class 🙂

Early Pregnancy


  • Review of what to expect in the coming months
  • Other classes they recommend taking and when to register for them
  • Nutritional Info
  • Ways to ease “morning sickness”, aches and pain, exhaustion, etc

Late Pregnancy


  • Handouts
    • preparing for the hospital
    • things to report to doctor
    • signs of preterm labor, pre-eclampsia, infection
    • contractions
      • Braxton Hicks vs True Labor Contractions
      • Timing
  • Review of third trimester symptoms (common, unusual and when to call/ alert care provider)
  • Recommendations for easing certain symptoms such as heartburn, mild swelling, etc
  • Postpartum Care for you and baby
  • Hospital tour
    • Visitors policy
    • Admittance (pregnant belly gets you in but all other guests including father must register at the front desk)
    • Parking
    • Additional details which include but aren’t limited to security procedures, food, duration of hospital stay

Infant Safety & CPR (non-certified)


  • Handouts with important phone numbers
  • Infant CPR
  • Hazards inside and outside of home
  • Infant and pet safety
    • suggestions for introducing both safely
  • Car seat safety/ proper installation
  • Poison control number
  • Preparing for emergencies

Prepared Childbirth

  • Handout (it was recommended to put this in hospital bag so I don’t remember what’s in it) with good info
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Birthing positions
  • Birthing partner and others who might attend the birth
    • things to think of when/ if you decide to invite others
  • Videos of different types of births
  • Different types of pain medication
  • Difference between Braxton Hicks Contractions and Contractions that prepare cervix for delivery
  • Effacement & Dilation
    • the importance of knowing the difference



  • Handout (details about what is discussed in class as well as helpful resources)
  • Benefits
  • Recommendations for bottle feeding, pacifiers, pumping, milk storage and returning to work while breastfeeding
  • Bottle and nipple options
  • Formula vs Breastfeeding
  • Positions
  • Supplies
  • Helpful resources

Newborn Care


  • Handout
    • Details on class/ slideshow
    • Colic
    • Circumcision
  •  Class
    • Resources for
      • Postpartum Depression
      • Lactation Help
      • Car seat safety
    • Feeding (breast & bottle)
    • Burping, diapering, SIDS, sleeping, soothing, swaddling, bathing, safety
    • Newborn care (cord care, circumcision & signs of illness)

35 Weeks – Progress


Mood: Excited

Energy: Low

Appetite: Varies

Baby Movement: Yes but only twists and turns not a lot of kicks and punches*

Contractions: Braxton Hicks

Other: Doc Appointment (2/5/16)

Nursery: We bought the letters for his nursery which I was originally going to stencil until we remembered the price of the frames… It went from stencils with a nice frame around each letter to fake wooden letters that I’ll be painting and hubby will be mounting/ hanging. I hope it’ll be just as nice but we shall see. When his due date gets closer I’ll put his rug down then the nursery will be complete.

Surprises: We received a glider, an all-in-one convertible car seat and a pack n play which officially completes the big items we needed/ wanted for our little man. Not that all gifts aren’t appreciated but I honestly didn’t expect any of these to be purchased because of the price. We planned on buying these items using the registry discount that the stores give you at the end. We never guessed anyone would buy these for us! Such a surprise and blessing. We also received a quilt that has pieces from 3 generations of women on hubby’s side which truly brought tears of appreciation and joy.

Appointment: We went to the doctor 2/5/16 and got some really exciting news that translates to hurry up and wait 🙂 I called my mom and his mom to tell them the news and I couldn’t control my excitement so I told his dad too.

  • Mucus plug is gone
    • This is exciting because I actually saw it!! I wasn’t positive what it was and didn’t want to get excited but OB verified when I described it to her. Well she told me it was gone then I described what I saw to her.
  • 90% effaced
    • Only 10% left before cervix is completely thinned out
  • 1cm dilated
  • Measuring right at 35wks
  • Head down position
  • Baby’s estimated weight is 7-8lbs
  • My weight gain so far 23lbs
  • GBS (Group B Strep) Test

Now for hilarious memes I found on Pinerest!


*The day after our doctor’s appointment I started his kick counter and right as I got the final movement I noticed the app told me to wait an hour and start again as I didn’t get 10 kicks (movements) in two hours. I waited a full two hours, ate dinner, drank something sweet, walked and used the doppler all in an effort to make him move but he didn’t budge. I wasn’t too worked up this time considering we’d already been through this and we both assumed he’d start moving as soon as I was hooked up to the monitor. When we arrived at Labor and Delivery I was pleasantly surprised to see our OB walking out of someone’s room. I called out a friendly hello to her and with a giant smile she beams “Are we in pain?” I said no we’re here about fetal movement. She looked slightly disappointed but considering the conversation we had the day before I knew why. After the standard checks we went into the room, talked with the nurse, got hooked up and let out a sigh of relief upon hearing his heartbeat. All seemed fine until 20min went by without so much as a hiccup… As I started to worry the nurse came back to give me water and apple juice in hopes that the cold plus the sugar would wake him up. Another 20min and nothing. By this time, our doctor came in did a check of everything on the screen and informed us that all was fine but she wanted to get him on ultrasound to verify he had enough amniotic fluid and to show me his movements. She pointed out each movement to see which ones I could feel. She then informed me that these smaller movements are what I needed to be looking for because he’s running out of room so that’s about all I’d be getting out of him. But with her being the wonderful individual that she is she let me know I could come in for NST (none stress test) if I couldn’t establish a pattern for his kick counter. She explained how it would work and said to email her immediately on Monday if he still wasn’t forming a pattern. Thankfully he’s trying to get back on track. His movements still aren’t coming as quickly as they did before but I’m guessing his whole pattern is changing because of his growing size and his super low head. I’m hoping all of this is pointing to him getting impatient and gearing up to come out soon but only time will tell. I still think he’ll be overdue but maybe I’m wrong.

Life Changes, Pregnancy

34 Weeks – Stretch Marks


Mood: Excited

Energy: Varies

Appetite: Normal – High

Baby Movement: Yes but not nearly as grand

Contractions: Braxton Hicks (maybe)

Other: Stretch Marks

The biggest change has been stretch marks! My hubby took the picture above which is when I realized how many I have. Originally I wasn’t going to post it then I was going to use filters until it went away but I realized something. This blog isn’t for monetary gain, how to’s, self help or anything of that nature. This blog is simply to document things during my pregnancy for my son and myself because lets face it I could forget all this stuff. SO I decided to leave in the super unflattering picture of my stretched stomach. Plus I figure if someone does come across this blog in hopes to find something that makes them feel better about their stretch marks then here it is for them to see they are not alone. But in true vanity I removed my face because I’m just not ready to be a Meme… Not that my blog is viewed enough to become meme worthy but you never know and I am a paranoid person. That’s all for this update but 35 week update will have more if I remember because I’ll have another doctor’s appointment, a class and an update on the wonderfully unexpected gifts we’ve received for our little man.

Side note: There is no way to prevent stretch marks. Your genetics usually play a bigger role in your stretch marks than any type of care. The only thing you can do is try to minimize their appearance. My doctor recommended gaining weight slowly and staying moisturized to prevent itchiness which could cause you to scratch which would irritate the skin and potentially make their appearance worse. For reference, as of when this pic was taken I gained about 20lbs and I’d definitely consider that slow weight gain. My advice is to ask your parents whether or not they have any and proceed accordingly.